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The Lands of Aecathan

124 years ago, the world shattered. No one knows why, and those who remained had no time to wonder. Struggling for survival, the land of Aecathan slowly began to build itself anew. It took decades, but the land slowly adjusted to a new normal. Then 61 years ago, a flight of chromatic dragons, with an immense orc army at their command, attacked, seeking to overthrow the ruling forces of the land. During this 2-year battle, a second force, known only as the Thuilnu, rose up and slaughtered nearly the entire Elven race in their homeland. Fleeing to Aecathan, their homeland lost, these survivors and refugees brought what magics and weapons they had and joined the battle against the dragon armies. Eventually the combined Aecathan forces prevailed and the dragons and orcs were sent back across the sea.

That was 60 years ago. Since then, the world has settled into a relatively calm state. Some local turmoil here and there, but nothing on the same scale as the Shattering or the Dragon/Orc War. There appear to be, however, sinister forces rising once again. Worshippers of Aecathan's evil deities are starting to infiltrate, sneaking into Aecathan from the legendary Temple of Jogravanna. Rumors of dragons scouting the eastern seaboard are starting to circulate. And strange horrors are appearing in the land, creatures that conjure images of the Thuilnu in the minds of the Elven survivors, but yet not the strange, silent moonlight-skinned creatures responsible for the destruction of Thath'toxuun. Something... else.

It is into this world you have been born. It is into this world you have grown. It is into this world that you now travel to find your destiny. Welcome to the Lands of Aecathan.

The "Lands of Aecathan" campaign setting is an all-original world written by Jeffrey Smith, who serves as the Game-Master for the weekly adventure series, broadcast Tuesday nights at 7pm Eastern US time on


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