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Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

JeffJeff started playing Dungeons and Dragons in Junior High School, and he's been in love with the game ever since. He ran his first game in the 80s, shortly after meeting Mike, and has penned dozens of original adventures and campaigns for various gaming groups since then. Aecathan is the first complete game world he's created, however, so this is both exciting and terrifying for him to be debuting it in such a public way.

Jeff's favorite TTRPGs are Dungeons and Dragons (every edition except 4th), Villains & Vigilantes, pretty much any White Wolf system, and Gamma World. He's also a huge fan of Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity.

Jeff has known Annette for going on 40 years, and they've been married for over 20. He met Mike just after graduating High School, Pam in undergrad, Lesley as a collegue, and Nikki while teaching college after finishing his degrees.

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