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Welcome to the Lands of Aecathan!

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"Little is known of the origins of the lands of Aecathan, and what information does survive is looked upon as myth and folklore. Aecathan is a land separated from its history by a cataclysm that rent the land and its people almost to the point of extinction.

In the year 974 PD (Post-Dawn), a world-shattering event known now as The Shattering occurred. It destroyed families and rent asunder civilization as was known at the time. Even less is known about the cause of The Shattering. Some say it was a cataclysmic event caused by a war between the Gods of Good and Evil, but practically no one remembers for certain. Even those beings who survived to live in the post-Shattering eras seem to have trouble recalling any specifics of the event, or the time before it occurred.

In the aftermath of The Shattering, what was mostly or completely destroyed was largely abandoned, and the scraps of it used to create what is. The Gods of old, whoever they were, no longer watched over the Land, and it was many years before a new pantheon of deities made themselves known to the intelligent races. The geography of the Land itself had also changed, with mountains rising and falling, seas shifting, rivers drying or finding new paths. Only the Watchtowers, the epitome of strength and the power of the old ways, remaining undamaged.

For decades, human and dwarf, elf and gnome, halfling and half-elf, toiled from sun-up to sundown, collapsing after seemingly endless days of searching for survivors, attempting to salvage materials from what was left of the previous society, and slowly building toward a new tomorrow. Eventually, new cities and villages emerged, faiths came together around the new Gods, and those who follow more arcane pursuits founded a colony dedicated to the study of all its different forms. New trade routes were forged, new roads established, and life, with its high and low points, once again became 'normal.'"

Welcome to the Lands of Aecathan, an all-original 5th Edition Dungeons & DragonsTM world created by Lands of Aecathan gamemaster Jeffrey Smith. Currently the world is four continents, with only one fully explored (the main game location). The setting contains all-original deities, spells, magic items, creatures, and races, along with modifications for some of the core races and classes.

Each week, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern US time, Jeff and "The Four" (Aribell, played by Pam; Gwenlaryn, played by Lesley; Tasha, played by Annette; and Zorith, played by Nikki) run a contuining adventure on which is a free-to-watch stream. All episodes are published the YouTube and released as an audio-only podcast the following Monday. We'd be pleased to have you join us!