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Welcome to Artifacts Worldswide!

AecathanWe are Artifacts Worldswide, so named because we're old enough to be called artifacts in our own right. The crew behind this new streaming Dungeons and Dragons game has over 130 years of combined experience running, playing, and designing worlds, which for most of them is a life-long love. Streaming every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm Eastern/ 4:30 pm Pacific US time, join Annette, Lesley, Nikki, and Pam, and their GM, Jeff, for what will (hopefully) be an entertaining and engaging story.

Our first world is an original location, created by Jeff, called Aecathan. He describes it as "A fantasy world with just a touch of horror."

We hope you enjoy Aecathan, and the game, as much as we enjoyed creating this one-of-a-kind experience and roaming its vast expanses!

Welcome... to the Lands of Aecathan!


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Meet the Players and GM of the "Lands of Aecathan" D&D Game!
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